Parent Support Advisor (PSA)

Hi, my name is Nicki Wright and I am the Parent Support Advisor at George Carey CoE Primary School. I offer impartial support, advice and guidance to you and your child to get the very best from our school. I provide a link between school and home to enable parents and carers to work in partnership with us to help resolve any problems.

Parenting isn’t always an easy job and at times things can get tough, it can be great and rewarding one day then challenging and leave you feeling helpless the next – homework can seem daunting, finances are often stretched to the limit and problem behaviour can be really upsetting.

I’m here to help you deal with any worries or concerns about your child and to help you tackle any home issues that are making family and school life difficult for you and your family. So don’t feel alone or isolated, come and have a chat.

If you or your child is having difficulties at home or at school, you may wish to contact me to arrange a meeting to discuss these issues; I am able to see you within school or at your home.

I aim to:

  • develop and maintain positive links to help parents and carers get the best for their child at home, school and in the community.
  • Support parents and children to become more involved with school and a develop a positive attitude to learning
  • work with parents to improve their child’s attendance and punctuality by giving tips and practical support to get your child to school and on time
  • assist parents/ carers to access sources of support via making referrals and signposting to local services.
  • Empower families to build and strengthen their relationships
  • Provide information on a range of services and how to best to access/ make use of them.
  • Assist with completion of forms and liaise with agencies/services and support you at meetings if requested.
  • Assist parents/carers to access sources of training/education.
  • Provide information and support for a range of issues such as Housing, claiming benefits, parenting concerns, school transition, healthy lifestyle, confidence building, mental well-being, relationship issues, bereavement, bullying, behaviour management and much more.

I may not always be able to answer your questions immediately, but I will always try my best to find the answers you are looking for. In situations where I am unable to help, I can refer you to specialist agencies or support services if you wish.

I have included several links to a range of services which you may find useful:

Family Lives                               

BBC Parents                                

The goodnight guide for children…/the_good_night_guide_for_children.pdf

Citizens Advice Bureau            

Shelter Advice Line

Contact A Family

Big White Wall  

Rights of Women

Mankind Initiative

Broken Rainbow



Rivergate church