Proposed Sports Premium Spend 2016 / 17

The SLT and Governors at George Carey Church of England Primary School have planned to use the Sports Premium this year to enrich the P.E. curriculum for a large number of children using the Sports Premium.

The funding represents £5.00 per child plus £8,000, which is a total of £10,888. This complements additional money from the overall school budget, which is used to provide a wealth of sports and physical activities for all children.

We believe that the funding should be used to involve and interest children in a variety of physical activities and the aim is for children to take up sports and games for the long term, which in turn will give them good attitudes to exercise and help to make them more active, stronger , leading to better health and fitness.

The Sports Premium for 2016 / 17 was spent as follows:-

Area of spend Intended outcome Cost
Fencing sessions before school as well as during curriculum time. To introduce and interest children in a sporting activity that they would otherwise not usually have access to. £3,600
Additional coaching in multi sports during the curriculum time and lunchtimes from a sports specialist. To involve children across the school in additional sporting activities throughout the school day – 3 hours daily. £9,000
 Total Proposed Sports Premium Spend 2016 /17  £12,600
 Subsidy from the main school budget for these activities  £1,712

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