Key Stage 1 & 2

We follow the National Curriculum as set out by the DFE for schools in England and Wales.

We deliver much of the curriculum through a cross curricular topic based approach using the ‘International Primary Curriculum’ (IPC). The IPC offers an international perspective to our provision within our multicultural, multi faith school.

Reading, writing and mathematics are generally taught separately and independently from the topics of the IPC. However, where relevant, literacy and numeracy links within IPC topics are also used to enrich children’s experiences and put their learning into a wider context.

As a Church of England Primary School, much of our teaching is explicitly Christian in nature and we promote Christian values throughout all that we do. We follow the Diocese of Chelmsford R.E. curriculum. Children learn about other world religions as well as Christianity, promoting tolerance and understanding between people of all faiths and also those with no strong religious beliefs.

We believe that the curriculum should be rich and stimulating and that children should be excited and engaged in their learning. Learning does not necessarily have to take place within classrooms and we aim to exploit the learning opportunities offered by our grounds and in the local environment.